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Features3 core technologies

Road profile analysis

Road Profile Analysis

Our platform can accurately estimate road profile (IRI and flatness) from vehicle vibrations measured by smartphone. The state-of-art algorithms that automatically calibrate vehicle parameters and remove vehicle-induced vibration have achieved high accuracy of road profile estimation comparable to that of laser-based road profilers.

Road Anomalies Detection(Coming soon)

Road Anomalies Detection

Anomalies on the road can be automatically detected by deep learning from the recorded images with smartphone(compatible with drive recorders as well). Cracks and potholes are divided into several levels according to different degrees of damage, and our platform can aggregate them into road sections.



The analysis results are mapped to roads in near real time and can be visually grasped on the Web. At the same time, statistical information such as changes over time and histograms of collected road surface condition data can be confirmed on the map.

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